Youth Activities for the Internet Governance Forum 2019

While young people under 30 are the largest demographic group on the internet they are still not represented in an appropriate level in the decisions regarding the internet. We believe that youth already have a high knowledge of the digital world they interact with daily and therefore deserve to play a stronger role in the decision processes. 

That’s why we are organizing two events to support youth participation and the dialogue with other stakeholders at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). One in September with a focus on the German community and one in November for an international audience. Below you find more information.

As national youth initiative we are delighted to have the international IGF in Germany. We want to use this opportunity to facilitate an exchange between international youth that are already active in their home countries. We might come from different nations but as youth we share similar challenges. Therefore we can learn from each other and join forces to increase the visibility and the influence of youth even beyond the IGF.

The German Youth IGF

The German Youth IGF is a pre-event of the national Internet Governance Forum. On September 10 youth from all over the country gathers in Berlin to identify and discuss current issues under the umbrella of internet governance. The output is presented to both the other stakeholders and the general public.

The Youth IGF Summit 2019

The IGF Youth Summit will bring young people that are already active in national IGFs or IG-related initiatives all over the world. A series of webinars will conclude with a physical event just before the global IGF on November 24 in Berlin. There we will discuss and identify the most relevant topics from a youth perspective. By agreeing on a set of shared messages and demands we will be able to spread those in the following days on the Internet Governance Forum.



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Elisabeth Schauermann
German Informatics Society (GI)
Project Coordinator
Phone: +49 (0) 30 24009-806
Mail: mail_at_yigf.de


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