Join the Youth4DigitalSustainability Webinars

There is so much to talk about when we say “digital sustainability”. In the following weeks, the Youth4DigitalSustainability Working groups want to unpack some of these aspects with their guests and everyone who is interested can join the discussion.


We started off on August 20, 4pm Central European Summer Time with an exchange on Greening the Internet in which we discussed the ecological impact of the Internet and good practices on how to be online AND environmentally friendly. You can watch the recording here


Next up, we will talk about economic sustainability and Fair Digital Businesses on August 27, 4pm Central European Summer Time. In this one, we want to explore what opportunities the Internet holds to do business that goes beyond being profit-oriented by striving to be socially and environmentally beneficial, too. You can sign up for participation here


On September 3, 4pm Central European Summer Time, we will take a closer look into social sustainability and what we can do to create online spaces and actions that foster the Internet for Social Good. There are many good practices, if you want to hear about some of them and contribute your insights, you can sign up for participation here


Last, but not least, we want to explore the structures that govern the Internet and how they can become more sustainable and inclusive. In this webinar we are going to focus on the future of Sustainable Internet Governance. You can sign up for participation here


Header picture: CC-BY 4.0 Jugend hackt, Foto: Leonard Wolf


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